KENYON Building & Carpentry can fulfill all your fencing requirements from a
detailed picket fence to a paling fence or retaining wall.

Some of our most common fences includes but is not limited to:

  • Paling Fences
  • Paling Fences with framed lattice tops
  • Exposed Post Fences
  • Merbau Fences
  • Picket Fences
  • Gates with metal frame
  • Timber Framed Fence
  • Pine Overlap Fence
  • Blue board rendered fence
  • Retaining Walls
  • Decks
  • Pergolas
  • Really anything timber!….

Some of our most common fences includes but is not limited to:

Add Privacy and Height to your Fence By adding lattice work to the top of your fence you can extend the height by another 600mm and add to the privacy in your back yard. We prefer to do this properly by extending the height of the posts all the way up and adding an extra rail – this ensures it lasts a very long time! Here are two examples below:

Paling Fence with Railed and Capped Lattice

Cypress Posts 125x75mm, 1950mm treated pine paling fence with 600mm railed 45mm Square Lattice. The Square Lattice screen comes with square openings in the following sizes of 65mm, 45mm & 25mm.

Paling Fence with Railed Woven Lattice

If you like the idea of a paling fence with lattice but you don’t want to compromise on your privacy this is probably the best solution. There are virtually no gaps between the horizontal strips of timber.

Fencing Information and disputes


In Victoria, the Fences Act 1968 (“Fences Act”) makes neighbours jointly responsible for the cost of construction, maintenance and repair of fences. In most fencing matters, each neighbour has responsibility to pay for half of the cost in relation to the fence.

So where do I start?

If you want to build, replace or repair a fence, the first thing you should do is to discuss it with your neighbour. You should attempt to reach agreement on:

  • the type of fence (paling, picket, brick, lattice top etc)
  • how much each of you will pay towards the costs;
  • who will arrange for it to be built (getting and selecting quotes from contractors);
  • timeframes for removal of the old fence and construction of the new fence; and
  • other costs (tree removal, fence disposal etc).

What if I want a different or more expensive fence?

A normal fence reflects those commonly built in the neighbourhood, using the type of material ordinarily used, and the usual height.

If one neighbour wants a more expensive kind of fence than the other normal fences in the neighbourhood, then the person who doesn’t want to pay for the more expensive fence should pay half the cost of building a normal fence. The person wanting the more expensive fence would have to pay the rest of the cost.

Can’t reach an agreement with your neighbour?

If you and your neighbour cannot agree, the Fences Act provides for a formal process involving a written notice (a Notice to Fence) to assist in resolving a fence dispute. This Notice to Fence is a legal document that formally advises your neighbour that you would like to build a new fence and that you would like your neighbour to share the cost.

Fence notices can be given personally to the neighbour, but it is advised to send the notice by registered post.